Photography and drawing is where it all starts. A series of glass tests to explore effects follows with model making. Once the shapes are resolved, a mould or several moulds are prepared for casting the glass. Some pieces require just one firing, and others go through several firings to build up the final piece made of separately pre-fired sections of glass. The time each casting spends in the kiln varies from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the complexity of the piece. Most of the time the glass is cooling really slowly to anneal the glass which varies in thickness.


When the glass emerges from the kiln, it is still in a raw cast form. These need to be carved using stone carving tools adapted for glass to create the final form. Depending on the final resolution of the piece, surface resists are applied to the piece which are then sandblasted to create a textured surface. The glass goes through a smoothing and polishing process that uses both tools and hand work. It takes four to six weeks to go through the finishing process.